Vaginoplasty In San Antonio, TX

This aesthetic vaginal surgery aims to tighten lax muscles and tissues and remove excess vaginal skin to narrow the diameter of the vagina resulting in a smaller and tighter opening and vaginal canal. The tightening is done in the entire length of the vagina and not merely the opening few centimeters.

Dr. Runnels does full depth repairs unlike the superficial perineoplasty repairs done by most plastic surgeons and gynecologists. This can be done in a surgery center under general or spinal anesthesia or under local anesthetic with some sedation. However, Dr. Runnels has refined the in-office vaginal rejuvenation surgery that does not require an IV and is done under mild sedation and local anesthesia.

We use a radiofrequency device to make exceptionally precise and minimally traumatic incisions. This method is dramatically less destructive than conventional methods. It takes about 60 minutes to perform. Many advertise this procedure for the “Enhancement of Sexual Gratification” as well as a cosmetic procedure.

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