A Cellulite Solution that really works!

Endymed 3DEEP RF and electronically controlled modulated pulsed vacuum that targets cellulite at any stage, plus the Apex shockwave machine combine together for real results without surgery or downtime.

Endymed’s ‘massage and drainage’ treatment uniquely enables deeper heat penetration for superior results – without the need for a cooling system. It is totally safe and pain-free, with many patients saying it’s as comfortable as a hot stone massage.  In the same appointment, the Apex shockwave therapy can be used to further reduce the cellulite and firm the skin.  The Apex therapy is also pain-free with no downtime.  The recommended treatment protocol is 4 sessions done a week apart.

A personal message from Dr. Runnels about this new treatment –

“No matter how much weight I lost or how much I exercised, I have never been able to get rid of my cellulite. My mother, aunt, sisters and nieces have all battled the same affliction.

I have tried weight lifting, circuit training, running, pilates, cross-fit, step-aerobics, kick boxing and yoga.

I tried magic potions and lotions I rubbed on my skin, rollers and fascia blasters and my Emsculpt device ………but the cellulite never changed.

I even had liposuction of my thighs in my 20’s and still the cellulite remained.

Everything I have ever tried for treating cellulite has disappointed me ……….until now!

After a single 20 minute session with a new treatment modality called Endymed which utilizes bipolar radio frequency and simultaneously suctions the skin, followed by my acoustic wave (shockwave) device on the back of my thighs, I could appreciate a significant noticeable change immediately. The texture of my skin continued to change and improve every day since. Click Here—->> to learn more about Endymed Cellulite Reduction.

I have never seen something actually reduce the appearance of cellulite on my body this quickly!!! There were immediate results that only continued to get better with every passing day.”

I absolutely hate cellulite with intensity and have been let down by so many different over-promising treatments. I would never want to mislead anyone who also has and hates their own cellulite…….so for me to endorse my new protocol for cellulite, the Endymed & Apex Acoustic wave combination as a solution for cellulite, I have to believe deep in my bone-marrow that it works…….and I do!

I would love to help anyone you may know who suffers with the same problems.

If you or someone you love could benefit from a non-invasive cellulite solution that actually works with no downtime and won’t break the bank, please reach out to us to get scheduled for your first treatment. And as always, if you don’t love what we do for you, we will happily return every penny.

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