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1. “What you Get” with the VaginaLab™ Program…

Ten years ago, there were zero drugs approved by the FDA for the treatment of female sexual dysfunction. Thankfully, in the decade since Dr. Charles Runels designed the O-Shot® procedure, a noticeable number of new therapies have appeared.

In an effort to combine the best of therapies for a noticeable result, the VaginaLab™ package strategically brings a woman to her best sexual health, pleasure, and connection. There are no magic bullets in medicine–the body is so complicated that almost always best health requires a thoughtful, informed combination of therapies that consider the whole system and how it works together.

Though there are no magic formulas, there’s a certain basic combination of ideas that can help almost everyone. For example, almost everyone will see an improvement in thought, emotions, cardiovascular health, and digestion, and sexual function if they walk or jog daily. But, walking alone will not make all sexual problems go away.

In thinking about what almost every woman needs to do to see her best sexual health, Dr. Runels came up with the following ultimate-best combination of therapies:

  1. Daily walking. It’s difficult to be healthy if you’re sedentary. Ideally, you walk up to 21-25 miles of comfortable walking per week.
  2. Good sleep. Most require 7-8 hours. Some of us function on 5 with an afternoon nap. But, whatever your quota, you need that and you need it with a regular go-to-bed time and a regular wake-up time most of the time.
  3. Hormonal optimization. This can be tricky. For example, it’s a known side effect of birth control pills that they lower testosterone in women–causing many women to experience a multitude of problems including weight gain, loss of sex drive, migraines, and even chronic pain with sex that does not go away when you stop the birth control pills. Some women cannot use any hormonal replacement but most women do benefit from a careful measurement and adjustment of hormones based on symptoms and previous history.
  4. O-Shot® procedure. Improving the health (blood flow, nerve conduction, and collagen structure) in the vagina, peri-urethral, and clitoral area is not everything but it sure does help many women: this improvement in tissue health is exactly what the O-Shot® procedure can do in most women–this one procedure can change lives.
  5. Emsella treatments (though first brought to market for urinary incontinence, it does wonderful things for sex). No one seems to doubt the usefulness of Kegel exercises in both men and women; so, it’s not surprising that many find the amazing benefits from doing 15,000 Kegel contractions in 21 minutes with more strength than can be done on your own. A series of sessions back to back followed by a maintenance plan can be life-changing. Nothing I know of can strengthen the G-Spot Support Muscles (GSSM) the same way.
  6. A strong program of appropriate supplements: a probiotic, a libido enhancer, vitamin E, Vitamin C, and a good B-Complex.
  7. Sex education/counseling for the woman and her lover. Most people don’t know what they don’t know. A combination of book education and in-person counseling goes a long way.
  8. A good arousal oil. Yes, we know good lubrication happens with good sexual health; but a little extra lubrication with the proper ingredients can create a real improvement in response for both partners.
  9. Thoughtful consideration of various classes of vibrators/self stimulators. These aids can both help with discovery and response.
  10. Prescription medications designed for sex like Vyleesi and knowledge about how to best integrate them into your love-making.
  11. Various laser and radio-frequency devices (like the Diva and the Thermi-Va) when needed.
  12. And of course, the right person in your bed (which can mean, just falling in love with yourself)

2. Some of the Research

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VaginaLab™ Protocol:

Day 0
A detailed discussion with the physician about hormone levels, overall health and health practices, and relationships. O-Shot® procedure. Emsella Treatment. Begin supplements and walking program.

Days 1-21
6 Emsella treatments. Couple practices sexual exercises as per sex therapist/educator. Hormones are adjusted. Medications are adjusted as needed. Medications for improving sex may be started.

Month 2
Another O-Shot

Months 3-6
Two Emsella treatments per month

The doctor is seen as needed but at least on Day 0 and with the second O-Shot® and on the phone 3 times over the first 2 months.

Cost for the above treatments at full price:
O-Shot® procedure x 2 ($1,500 each)…… $3,000
Emsella treatments x 14 (6 in first 3 weeks then 2 per month for months 4, 5, and 6 @ $300 each)………………………………$4,200
Arousal Oil, Probiotic, & Libido Pills (1 month supply x 6)….. $660
Total Cost…..$7,860

Bought as a package, discounted $1,000 for a total price of $6,487.

Call or text if questions if this plan may work for you:

You can also schedule the first O-Shot® & Emsella Treatment, and begin the VaginaLab™ protocol. Call 210 483-6255 to discuss if the treatment is right for you and to schedule your first appointment.


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