Tik Tok has become the source of information for all things lately. A dangerous idea is spreading, particularly among the younger crowd. Recently a beauty trend has gone crazy viral on Tik Tok called “Menstrual Masking”. The last time I checked, on of the main hash-taggers videos had been viewed over 5 Billion times! The idea is women are collecting their menstrual blood in Diva cups and then applying it to their faces like a masque. They are saying it works like other regenerative procedures, like the Vampire Facial®, O Shot® and P Shot®, which use the patient’s own blood to create PRP. The maskers are claiming the menstrual blood reduces inflammation, restores youth and vitality and leaves a stunning glow to the skin…….but this is not backed by any research or clinical experience.

No doubt the Tik Tokers are propagating the idea that the “Menstrual Masque” is somehow analogous to a “Vampire Facial®”. The maskers are claiming scientific backing for their new beauty trend, however none exists. There is no way for blood sitting on the skin to penetrate the dermis. The way a Vampire Facial® works is by creating micro-channels and minor trauma with micro-needling, so the Platelet Rich Plasma, that is sterile and prepared in FDA approved centrifuges, can penetrate the skin’s surface.

The bloody mixture the menstrual maskers are using is obtained from their uterine efflux after sitting for an unknown amount of time in a cup in the vaginal canal and then applied directly to the skin of their faces like a masque. Images of girls with bloody faces channeling a famous image of Kim Kardashian after an actual Vampire Facial®, are all over the platform. The girls are touting the trend as the next best DIY beauty trick that will turn the clock back 10yrs with the magic of menstrual blood.

Not only is menstrual blood not sterile, but it could have potentially dangerous pathogens. If the masquer had Chlamydia, it would be in hr blood and then contact with her eye could cause Chlamydial conjunctivitis……one of the leading causes of blindness worldwide secondary to neonatal infection from an infected mother. Or what about genital herpes? Smearing HSV2 virus laden blood all over the face with open cuts or chapped lips could end up a disaster. There could be yeast, trichomonas, gonorrhea and the list goes on. Even without STDs or other pathogens in the blood, it is just bad science. Just don’t do it!

If you want the youthful, restorative benefits of a Vampire Facial®, then go to a CMA licensed provider who has been appropriately trained and is using FDA approved products and devices and skip the DIY “Menstrual Masking” before someone gets seriously injured.

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