Labia Majoraplasty In San Antonio, TX

The broader outer lips of the vulva can be enlarged with excess skin and tissue. This enlargement can cause an embarrassing bulge in pants, swimsuits, or leotard. It can also increase the discomfort of sweating in the vulva. The labia majora may be enlarged from birth, secondary to childbirth, or due to aging. Many women also find quite a large and droopy labia majora after major weight loss such as post-bariatric surgery.

Dr. Runnels has refined this technique to safely reduce the size of the labia majora by excising a crescent-shaped part of the inner portion of the labia majora. The scar is hidden in the crease between the inner and outer labia. Labiaplasty is done in the operating room or in the office under local anesthesia at dramatically decreased costs. This procedure takes 60 minutes to perform.

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