Amnion in San Antonio

What is Amnion? Expand

Amnion is a biological structure composed of human amniotic fluid (placental tissue) – used by health practitioners to safely and effectively treat sexual dysfunction issues, incontinence and promote the healing and regeneration of a host of other conditions.

What is Human Amniotic Fluid? Expand

Human amniotic fluid is the amniotic sac during pregnancy. Amniotic fluid contains growth factors and rich cytokines that promote healing and pain management.

Benefits of Using Amnion Expand

The components of amnion have been shown to activate the body’s own healing response, which is characterized by minimal inflammatory activity and regenerative, rather than scar-mediating, healing.

Amnion is a protein-rich fluid with proven regenerative potential. Its components regulate and maintain regenerative tissue process.

Amnion has a complex array of inherent growth factors and cytokines that provide protection to the fetus during pregnancy.

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